I was raised on a 1960's council estate in England, I never went to college or University, I don't even have any O levels, however, I do consider myself a success. Why? Because I've accomplished many of the aims and purposes I've had in life. Every dream I’ve had so far in life, I’ve achieved it. Every setback I’ve had, I’ve risen to it, learned from it and overcome it. I now accept and embraced the fact that life is meant to be hard and I accept that tough times offer unique challenges that should be viewed as an opportunity to build my character, rather than viewing it as a negative. I don’t chase the money, I chase my dreams and I’m living proof that whatever your background, you can and will achieve your goals if you form the right mindset and take action.


We are all capable of great things, if only you would believe it of yourself.


I am the father of two fabulous girls and former Company Director and owner of seven businesses.


I launched the UK's first legal alcohol delivery company in 2003, which, at the time, was a ground-breaking achievement that everybody said could not be done. I have owned my own security group, providing personal protection to high net worth individuals and foreign dignitaries and I'm a former boutique bar owner and Army Veteran.

I have felt the sting of life.


My parents and sister all died within a year of each other, I have been bankrupt, I'm twice divorced and on three occasions, I have lost absolutely everything and I’ve had to start from scratch, most recently during my second divorce.

I've had to endure domestic violence, spending a number of years with an abusive partner. I understand the financial, sexual, physical abuse and the manipulation and intimidation tactics that can make it so hard to leave. As a man, I also understand the stigma, the guilt and the fear of not being believed by the Police and authorities. I have stood on a chair with a rope around my neck, contemplating ending it all because I didn’t see a way out. Luckily for me, the thought of my children stopped me from tipping that chair over, I wasn’t quite ready to give up. I am now an advocate for domestic violence against men.

Only eighteen months ago I was homeless, penniless and I lost my business after my second marriage failed. Today, eighteen months on, I live in a beautiful home with the love of my life and I’ve shown that at the age of 50, age is no barrier to learning new skills, training in not one, but two new professions. 

No gimmicks, no "laptop lifestyle," no sales. This is all about you and your mindset.





I Joined the Army at 18 and served almost 13 years in The Royal Military Police. I very quickly decided to specialise and joined the Mounted Branch of the Military Police in 1987. I've been the National "Tent Pegging" Champion, (You may need to Google that,) a member of the "Redcaps" Mounted Display Team, Polo player, event rider, a military riding instructor, teaching adults, civilians and children and a horse trainer, Policeman and Soldier.


After leaving the Army in 1998, I spent many years running my own security business ,working as a Close Protection Officer in the UK and briefly overseas, helping to protect high net worth individuals, visiting heads of state and foreign government ministers. I have worked in many challenging environments that include working directly with clients and security teams from China, Iraqi Kurdistan, India, Russia, America, Israel, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland and members of the United Arab Emirates. I have has also worked as a Doorman, Corporate Security officer and protected high risk, goods in transit.


Challenging environments remained a theme when I moved to Scotland for several years, working within Scotland's version of Broadmoor. This is a maximum security facility for 140 male patients that have secure care needs. Whilst in Scotland, I also had to endure the physical and mental challenges of domestic violence, which ultimately led to me leaving my partner and returning to England. I am keen to promote awareness of domestic violence against men, which is still seen as a taboo subject.

I have always had the Entrepreneurial spirit opening my first "business" around the age of seven, when I would use my pocket money to buy other children's old toys, before selling them on for a profit in my shop (parents back porch) to other children on the council estate.


I have owned a number of successful (and not so successful) businesses, experiencing the highs of starting and running new and successful businesses, to the lows of personal burn out and bankruptcy. My businesses have included the UK's first, legal, all night alcohol delivery company, started from scratch in 2003 before peaking at over 5000 paying members, covering seven towns in the South of England. I have also owned a mobile bar company providing boutique bars for private and corporate events and a security company (Group) providing Corporate and personal security in the U.K.


More recently I have worked as a carer for the elderly. This has been one of my most challenging, yet rewarding roles and has really given focus and clarity to my future career of inspiring and motivating others. Nothing focuses you more, than meeting and caring for people that are coming to the end of their lives, some of whom are no longer capable of caring for themselves at all. The characters and their life stories are a real joy to experience, balanced by those age old questions of what’s our purpose in life?


My life started to take on a new direction after the sudden deaths of my parents and Sister and witnessing and assisting with a fatal road traffic accident that cost a young woman her life, I started to take a long look at my own life and decided that I wanted to dedicate my time to using my life skills and experiences to try to help others.

Unfortunately, eighteen months ago, my second marriage failed and as a result, I was left homeless, jobless and penniless. It would have been very easy to slip into a negative mindset and be crushed by events, however, I picked myself up and eighteen months later I'm living in a lovely home with my fabulous partner. I have completely re trained in new skills and trades and I'm looking forward to fulfilling my dream of moving to Cornwall.

As well as working full time as a slinger for a crane company, I also work as a life coach, giving talks to children, adults and corporate groups, inspiring and motivating people, to make the most of their lives.


Last year, my partner and I set a goal. That goal was to spend as much time at the beach as possible. The beach is our place of sanity, it's where we feel that we belong.


However, our nearest beach is a three hour round trip away and like you, we both have life commitments. Our jobs involve 4.30am starts and on top of that, I have my LIFEREADY coaching business.

You can make up bullshit excuses or you can make the commitment to fulfil your dreams, it's all about how badly you want it?


So, since April of 2018, we've managed almost every weekend at the beach in all weathers and it's been magical.

Why is this important?

Because your happiness and your dreams are non negotiable and I'm here to help you achieve yours.

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Robert Wells - Author.

Change your mindset, change your life.


The 12 Steps, a LIFEREADY guide to motivation, is a simple, honest, common sense approach to improving your mindset. Guiding and encouraging you to break free of mediocrity, revisiting your dreams and turning them into a reality.



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