There are 7.56 billion people on this fabulous planet and almost half of those are reported to have access to the internet. That is why I offer global coaching sessions via skype, facetime, Zoom or over the phone. This means that you can pick your own comfortable spot at home or at the office for our coaching sessions, saving you time in your busy day. For those a little closer to home, here in the U.K. I also offer face to face coaching.

It's really important that we get to know a little bit about each other before you decide to book a coaching or mentoring session. That's because we might find that actually, we don't gel. That would mean that you would be wasting your money and we would both be wasting our time. I can be very blunt and as an ex Soldier, I'm not shy of the odd swear word when I get going and some people just don't like that.


What I wont do is lie to you or fail to hold you accountable. When we work together, it's a team effort to get you across the line, so I won't blow smoke up your ass unless you actually deserve it.  I offer a free 35 minute Skype or Facetime chat, so that we can run through why you're looking for a coach and for us to decide if we can work together.

After your free 35 minute introductory session and just to make doubly sure that you are happy with your new coach, I offer the first hour at only - £20.00.

Thereafter, sessions are charged at £45.00 per hour with a minimum commitment to 4 sessions. Discounts are offered on block bookings of 5 sessions and over.          


I'm often asked how many sessions are needed. The answer is, how long is a piece of string? On average, I would say that 8-10 sessions should have you feeling far more confident, focused and ready to pursue your next exciting chapter in life.

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Robert Wells - Author.

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The 12 Steps, a LIFEREADY guide to motivation, is a simple, honest, common sense approach to improving your mindset. Guiding and encouraging you to break free of mediocrity, revisiting your dreams and turning them into a reality.



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