I was delighted to give talks to the following organisations



The latest figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales show that In the year ending March 2018, an estimated 2.0 million adults aged 16 to 59 years, experienced domestic abuse. 

As a former Royal Military Policeman and Protection Officer, I never believed that I could become the victim of domestic abuse. However, I've since learned, through my own experiences, that ANYONE can become a victim of this terrible crime. 


My domestic abuse talks, help people to recognise that they are actually in an abusive relationship, as many people, do not see it as a domestic abuse situation, until they are out of the relationship and can look back on it. I talk about my own experiences and try to encourage people to take the first step to getting help. I emphasise the need to not feel ashamed, which is a dominating factor in people (especially men) not reporting their abuse. And I end my talk by outlining the positive experiences that I've had after breaking free and surviving my abuse.

When talking to Police Forces and frontline agencies, I also outline my own experiences of dealing with those agencies as I battled to get help. I talk about how hard it was to get the support I needed because of victim and perpetrator stereotypes.



I am passionate about seeing young people thrive; I have two daughters of my own and experience of communicating positively with young people, having spent several years teaching equitation to pupils aged 5-17 years. During my second marriage, i also had a step Son with special needs (Autism & PDA, pathological demand avoidance) who spent many months out of school having to be home taught. This was a particularly challenging time and a steep learning curve with many lessons learnt along the way.


Whilst many young people have more "entertainment" at their disposal than ever before, they are also under more pressure than we could ever have imagined growing up. Young people today are often not allowed out unsupervised, they are bombarded with pressures to pass tests, look good, own the right clothes and have the right gadgets. As a result, many suffer from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence, this is especially well documented in girls and I aim to tackle many of these subjects in my talks.

I use my own life experiences as well as practical methods and group interaction, to motivate and inspire young people.



During my many years in corporate and personal security, I worked closely with high net worth individuals such as heads of state, visiting government officials and board members from multinational corporations. This would inevitably involve dealing with their entourages and the politics that can accompany such a visit. Working with people from countries that included China, Iraqi Kurdistan, India, Russia, America, Israel, Morocco, Germany, Switzerland and members of the United Arab Emirates, throws up a myriad of issues that all require tact, diplomacy, positivity, flexibility and strength of character, to name but a few.

I use my life experiences to deliver powerful talks on a wide range of topics that aim to inspire and motivate your team to overcome their individual and career issues, which in turn, will help to drive your business forward.


50+ talks are aimed specifically at those of you in this fabulous age bracket and that includes me. It's a time when many people, especially men, experience the phenomenon of the "mid life crisis." I know from talking to my friends, colleagues and the people that I meet on a daily basis, that this can be a difficult time emotionally and physically. It's amazing how many people write themselves off in middle age and I've heard the phrase, "I've missed my boat, it's too late for me," so many times, when in fact, it's the perfect time to start something new and achieve your goals and dreams.

My talks include subjects such as:


  • Mindset

  • Domestic abuse against men.


  • Discovering your potential.


  • Taking responsibility.


  • Developing a determination to succeed.


  • Self -belief


  • Positivity


  • Raising aspirations


  • And much more.


To book me to speak at your event, workplace, school or college, or to make enquiries, please contact me via the form below or feel free to contact me directly on the number at the bottom of the page.


I look forward to hearing from you

I was delighted to give talks to the following organisations

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