April 7, 2019

The phone rang and I immediately knew something was wrong. My ex partner had never called at that time of day before and I instinctively knew there was a problem.

I answer the phone and my worst fears were realised.

“I’m at the hospital, Sophie is in surgery! 

Sophie is my eight year old daughter and she lives in Scotland with her mother, 348 miles away! 


It was late afternoon, just as rush hour was kicking off and stormy weather was forecast, with Amber warnings for heavy snow and storms across the UK but like any parent, I knew I had to try and make it. 


The drive was long and dangerous but nine hours later, after driving through the worst weather I had seen in years, I made it to the hospital where I got to hold my daughter and give her a huge hug.


She had come through surgery and had a pretty rough time but she was going to be ok. I sat by her bedside for two days and nights before returning to England through yet more snow storms.



This situation was absolutely ripe for negative thoughts of all kinds but it’s absolutely essential that you don’t give into these. Break the situation down into its individual components and deal with each one at a time. 


I didn’t waste time and energy creating negative, speculative thoughts, such as guessing my daughters condition, or thinking, will she this, or will she that. I needed to concentrate on getting to her, I’m no good stuck by the side of the road because I was not concentrating on the job of driving.


It doesn’t mean that you’re cold and uncaring, it simply means that you are focused and determined to do what’s needed at a time of crisis. 




Being negative only makes a difficult journey more difficult. You may be given a cactus, but you don't have to sit on it!  

When those negative thoughts do try to creep in, you should use WHATEVER it takes to stop them. It may sound ridiculous to some but when I have a negative thought, I immediately visualise a huge rubber stamp with the word NO or STOP, crashing down on the thought or image. I then immediately replace it with a positive thought. It takes some practice before it becomes automatic but I promise you, if you stick at it, your mindset will start to rewire itself to automatically cancel out those negative moments, allowing you to deal with facts and the situation at hand. 


I’m glad to say that Sophie is now recovering at home. 


Thank you to all the staff at Wishaw General Hospital in Scotland for everything that you did. 


Stay positive my friends 😃👍


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