April 11, 2018



I want to start by saying this - YOU and YOU alone, are where you are because of the choices that YOU have made in life. If you don’t like where you’re at, change it. You got yourself into this, you CAN get yourself out.


Now that I’ve cleared that up, let’s crack on.


Imagine the worst job in the world, the one thing that above all else, you would hate to do. Now, imagine that you are not only doing that job, you’re getting the minimum wage for doing it.


If you had a choice, you obviously wouldn’t do it, would you? 



How about this - You have a great job and a great life, then you're made redundant and your wife/husband leaves you. Without a job, any job (even the shitty one), you're staring homelessness in the face.


Would you view things in a different way? Of course you would, sometimes needs must and you have to take what you can to get, just to get through the tough times. Even if it means doing a job you hate.


Well, for millions of people out there, “needs must” is their life. Day in, day out, year in, year out, they are doing jobs they loathe for a pittance of a wage.


See paragraph one!


But - do businesses have a part to play? Should businesses get real? 


Depression, sick days, people hating their jobs and people quitting their jobs is rife. More and more people are starting to realise that there really is more to life and are looking to escape the "rat race." 



So, keeping in mind what I said at the start, I’m now going to contradict myself (slightly).


Isn't it time that businesses accepted that what they do, may not be what their employees dreamed of doing when they left school/ University. As an example, If you run a toilet cleaning company, do you really think that those working for you are there because it’s what they dreamed of doing or because they need the money? And how long do you think it will be before they are out of the door?


NOTE: I do not mean to offend anyone working in any toilet related businesses, I’m using you guys as an example and I realise that some of you may actually enjoy it. You certainly provide an important service.


Perhaps businesses should "get real" and realise that their employees are only in that job because they currently have no choice. 


Millions want to quit the rat race



So, here is an idea and I'm just putting this out there, whilst it is absolutely the responsibility of the individual to make changes in their own lives, isn't it time that companies admitted to themselves that many employees are only in their current role for the money. Should companies give thought to helping individuals to get to where they want to go in life?


EXAMPLE: Fred joins (you guessed it) “cleanabog” LTD, he wants to be a Policeman but needed a job quickly after being made redundant. He’s working hard in his own time to make his dreams a reality but has no interest at work and is feeling pretty depressed about the prospect of spending months cleaning toilets, as a result, he regularly takes sick days.


Despite what was said in the interview to get the job, “Cleanabog” know that this is not a lifetime job for Fred and they’re not that bothered. People come and go, some lasting a week, others a few months but they always leave sooner than later. 


Now imagine this: “Cleanabog” get real. In the interview they’re honest about the realities of Fred wanting a job for life and they not only tell him it’s ok to use them as a steppingstone from one job to another, they encourage Fred. They offer Fred help and support to get to where he really wants to go and in return they get a happier, more motivated employee who isn’t going sick every month.


And who knows, with such a positive encouraging atmosphere, “Cleanabog” may find that one or two people decide to stick with them over the long term.


Do you think that it would benefit businesses to “get real” and help employees get to where they really want to be in life? 


I would be really interested to hear your opinions on this, no matter which side of the fence you sit.


Thanks for reading this and have a really great day. 









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