April 18, 2018


Sadly, around 1640 people die every day in the UK. And in 2015, we saw the biggest jump in yearly deaths for almost 50 years.

Whilst it's difficult to calculate your odds of dying today, non of us really know if we will see tomorrow.

So, why is it, when our lives could be snuffed out at any moment, statistically, one of our greatest fears is not death but public speaking?


an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm.

Where is the danger, pain, or harm in speaking to people? It's completely irrational.

We are bombarded with Fear, it's is everywhere, especially if you watch the news and use social media. It's a culture of fear.

Every day, fear keeps millions of people from even attempting to achieve their goals and their dreams, holding them back from living life to their full potential.

Did you know that

The odds of a footballer being bitten by Louise Swarez 2000-1

The odds of being struck by lightning
12,000 - 1

The odds of winning the lottery
14 million to one


The odds of you being born at the time you were born to your particular parents, with your particular genetic make-up has been calculated at about 400 trillion to one.

That is the probability of you being born!

The conclusion: “The odds that you exist at all are basically zero.”

Do you know what a miracle is defined as?

An event so unlikely as to be almost impossible.

By that definition, you are a miracle,”

Yet here you are wasting that miracle of life by failing to live to your full potential. Accepting "average," every day of your life. And why?

Because of fear. A fear that you have created and dwelled on. An irrational fear!

At what point did you stop acting on your dreams?

At what point did you allow your irrational fears to stop you from getting what you wanted?

The greatest waste of our natural resources is the number of people who never achieve their potential.

* J.K. Rowling.
* Steve Jobs.
* Bill Gates
* Albert Einstein.
* Abraham Lincoln. ...
* Michael Jordan. ...
* Steven Spielberg. ...
* Walt Disney.
And so many others, FAILED countless times before becoming the people we know them as today.

Many not only failed in business but also in their personal life.

Single, jobless, penniless and mocked by the nay sayers. The only thing that separates them from you or I, is their ability to keep going, their ability to pick themselves up and their refusal to give up on their dreams.

Stop living lives of quiet desperation

Stop listening to the nay sayers

Stop thinking that you're to old or not talented enough, or wealthy enough or good looking enough.

How many Mondays have passed since you said, "I will start on my dream next week?"

Take control of your life.

Revisit your dreams

It's never to late.

You're a walking talking miracle and the only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can't achieve it.


Thanks for reading - Now go and fulfill your dreams.


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